Wedding Planning and Wedding Photography Tips

02H71963Preparing and organizing a wedding is challenging and can be very overwhelming. If one is not careful with how everything is organized things can get messy and disappointing to the couple and the guests. The best moments in a wedding are captured on photographs. This makes wedding photography just as important as the wedding itself. Here are wedding tips that will make your wedding memorable and your wedding photography comes out at its best.

Wedding planning tips

A successful wedding ceremony requires a lot of planning. It is important that you take your time and not do things hurriedly. Ensure that you do not get caught up in perfection. Embrace the unexpected and value each other’s opinions. It is also important to have faith that all your effort in the arrangement will be worth it. Look for something personal and interesting that you can share with your guests. It will keep the memories linger longer. Don’t allow yourselves to be stressed by situations. Have faith in your vendors and everyone else working for you that they will do an excellent job. Make the wedding a priority. Prioritize issues in planning too. It is important to accept that you cannot please everyone, as it is the surest way to failure. Have a team of well-intentioned family and friend to work with throughout. Take a thing at a time and do not be lost in the preparation process that you forget to make time to be with each other. Remember that you (the couple) are the most important entities in this celebration, so everyone else should come second.

Wedding photography tips

Create a short list of the most important photos to be taken. Visit the locations where photos are expected to be taken from days before the wedding. You should also prepare adequately to ensure that you have backup cameras, batteries, storage cards and are ready in case of sudden weather changes. Consider having two cameramen and more than one camera just in case anything unexpected happens. Turn the camera sounds off as they do not add any value to the ceremony when they beep during the kiss, speeches and vows. Get pictures of small details. To give your album a different dimension, take photos of rings, back of dresses, flowers, shops, menu table settings etc.

These are crucial wedding and wedding photography tips that if followed will give you the colorful day you have ever dreamt of. Remember, a colorful wedding doesn’t have to be very expensive. The whole beauty of a wedding comes in from proper planning and coordination. Photography if not well handled can deny you the opportunity of awakening the memories of your wedding decades after it happened.

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